Audit & Competitor Analysis

This service is necessary to understand with whom you compete in the same market, with what resources and with what marketing strategy.

The audit of the own processes and the analysis of the local competitors, are the basic tools for developing the right marketing strategy, managing resources properly, and gaining competitive advantage.

We support the decisions and marketing processes of our clients, providing data on the environments in which their companies operate or have interests.

The first steps of successful marketing are competitor analysis and strategy planning

We carefully examine the competition profile

The study of direct competitors in the online environment gives us valuable insights regarding their methods, resources, and marketing processes performance. We use specialized software to extract this data into relevant categories.

We integrate the data and our evaluation into a report

We put the data into the context, formulate our recommendations and summarize them in a report so that you will be able to map out a plan for staying ahead of your competitors and consolidate your position on the market.

We plan the optimal marketing strategy

The marketing strategies focus on setting the objectives, outlining the target audience and markets, and planning the advertising methods. These strategies must be original, different for each type of business, and adapted according to evolution and circumstances.

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